Average athlete shows the difficulty of performing a successful dunk

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.23.11 PM

Michigan’s Mitch McGary throws down a monster dunk. Photo by Adam Glanzman (Wikicommons)

Dunking a basketball is a talent few people have. The standard height of a basketball hoop is ten feet, so you have to get way up there if you are not freakishly tall. People can work toward dunking by increasing their vertical leap, but others are born with the length and ability to pull it off.

I tried dunking a basketball the other day. I ran at the rim as fast as I could, and jumped with all of my might, yet I was still no where near the hoop. My friend, Joe Mann, walked over, took the ball, and said, “Watch this.”

He threw it down with ease, making me look foolish. I asked him whether he had to work to get these abilities, or if he was just that athletic.

“I have been playing basketball all of my life,” Mann said, “and I have been able to dunk since sophomore year of high school. I am six foot five, and definitely lengthier than the average human, so dunking came naturally to me”.

I took some footage of Joe and me dunking; see if you can tell who is who. It should not be too hard.



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